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Reginald FAGG's father: John FAGG (1882- )

Family of Reginald FAGG

Partner: Reginald FAGG ( - )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Jackie FAGG ( - )

Husband: Reginald FAGG

Name: Reginald FAGG 1
Sex: Male
Father: John FAGG (1882- )
Mother: -
Birth Wingham, Kent, England 1

Child 1: Jackie FAGG

Name: Jackie FAGG 1
Sex: Female


1"Email". Cit. Date: 3 April 0009. Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Steve,
I did not realise that Rose Haannah's sister had married a Fagg as well. I have not delved into the sibling relatonships but perhaps I should now!! I suppose they had limited contacts back then so tended to have a lot more marriages from people within their own community... and the Fagg's were pretty prolific!!
alfred had a son named John who was the father of my father Reginald. my father was born and bred in Wingham but moved to Rochford, Essex, after the war where he lived until his death.

PS The site is very interesting!