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Ronald SHARP's father: James SHARP ( - )

Family of Ronald George SHARP

Husband: Ronald George SHARP ( - )
Wife: (unknown)

Husband: Ronald George SHARP

Name: Ronald George SHARP 1
Sex: Male
Father: James SHARP ( - )
Mother: -


1"KFHS Parish Registers CD17". St. Nicholas-At-Wade Marriages. Cit. Date: 28 January 2010. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: 482 1954 Dec 18 SHARP Ronald ? George (21) Able Seaman RN (Ba) of 3 Downbarton Cott (S of) James (Builder)
HOGBIN Gloria Kathleen (21) (Sp) of 3 Downbarton Cott (D of) Christopher Frederick (Farm Labourer)
Witn by: C.F.G. Hogbin, S. Sharp