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Family of Shaun PALMER and Julie FOAD

Husband: Shaun PALMER ( - )
Wife: Julie FOAD (1957- )
Marriage 1975 1

Husband: Shaun PALMER

Name: Shaun PALMER 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Julie FOAD

Name: Julie FOAD 1
Sex: Female
Father: Leonard Frederick FOAD (1928?- )
Mother: Joyce Jessie Rosemary HOGBIN (1928?- )
Birth 1957 1


1"Email". Email from Suzannah Foad, 29/1/2010. Cit. Date: 29 January 2010. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: I have Leonard Frederick Foad. His father Horace was known as Percy and was
born Knight and took the name Foad before going to Australia. That's possibly where
he married Jessie as I do not have the date.
He came back to St Nicholas to have children, Leonard 1927 and Dorothy may 1931.

This Horace Percy Foad, although driver for Foad's stores sometimes, he was not the
Horace of Foad stores.
That was Horace Albert William Foad 1908-2000.

I only have one child for Leonard and Joyce Hogbin, Julie 1957 who married Shaun
Palmer in 1975.