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Florence MAYTUM's parents: Charles MAYTUM (1836-1917) and Emma FAGG (1844-1915)

Florence Lillian MAYTUM (1877?-1931)

Name: Florence Lillian MAYTUM 1
Sex: Female
Father: Charles MAYTUM (1836-1917)
Mother: Emma FAGG (1844-1915)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1877 (est) Wayne County, Iowa, USA 1,2
Census (1) 1 Jan 1885 (age 7) Jackson, Wayne County, Iowa 2
Census (2) 1 Jan 1895 (age 17) Jackson, Wayne County, Iowa 3
Occupation 1 Jan 1895 (age 17) Teacher; Jackson, Wayne County, Iowa 3
Death 1931 (age 53-54) 1


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Text From Source: Name-Age-Colour-Status-Occupation-Birth County-Birth State-Birth Country
Charles Maytum-49--M-Farmer & Miller---Kent, England
Emma Maytum-40--M---Kent, England
Wellington Maytum-20--S--New York State-
Nelson Maytum-18--S--New York State-
Burlington Maytum-16--S--Kentucky State-
Rozzetta Maytum-13--S-Wayne County--
Alford Maytum-11--S-Wayne County--
Walter Maytum-9--S-Wayne County--
Lillie Maytum-7--S-Wayne County--
Dasie Maytum-5--S-Wayne County--
Myrtle Maytum-2--S-Wayne County--
Earnest Maytum-0--S-Wayne County--
3"Census US, Iowa State 1895, Wayne County, Jackson, roll IA1885_409". Line 4, Family 27. Cit. Date: 18 November 2009. Assessment: Primary evidence.