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Thomas HEWETT's brother: William HEWETT (1841-1930)

Thomas HEWETT (1840- )

Name: Thomas HEWETT
Sex: Male
Father: Henry HEWETT (1815-1885)
Mother: Caroline WELLARD (1821?-1843)

Individual Events and Attributes

Birth 1840 Beltinge, Kent, England 1


1"Email". Cit. Date: 29 March 0009. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: Hi,
I don't know how much info you need, but here is a start. If more is wanted then if you ask specific questions I will be able to answer better. Meanwhile -
Henry Hewett 1785-1871 bn Stourmouth Kent = Mary Read 1790-1871 bn Thanet, Kent. They had 5 sons and 3 daughters. Henry (2nd son) bn Chislet Kent 1815-1885 = Caroline Wellard bn. Herne, Kent, c1821-1843 - 2 sons Thomas c1840 bn at Beltinge Kent and William 1841-1930 also born at Beltinge.
William and Susan Kingsland married on 26th Feb. 1865 at Stourmouth, and they had 9 children -
George 1867 - William 1870 - Mary Ann (sometimes Marianne) 1873 - Henry Thomas 1876-1840 - Sarah Emma 1878 - Louisa Jane 1881 - Alice Mabel 1884 - Emily Eunice 1887 and Walter 1891-1965. All were born at Stourmouth in Kent.
William married twice. 1st Lydia Rose Ledner (on 7.7.1985) born at Chislet Kent in 1871 they had a son William 1896-1917 who died at Arrass France in the 1st World War. Lydia died 1900.
William then married Louisa Mary Foster (on 5.11.1900) bn. Hastings 1872-1962
They had 10 children - Mabel Louisa 1901-1979 - Ellen Alice emily 1902-1985 - Maisie Ivy Eunice E. 1904-1989 -
Herbert Cyril 1906-1990/3 died in B.C. Canada -
Annie Bertha 1907-1984 - George Henry Banister 1909-1986 all born in Stourmouth, Kent. Mary Gladys M. 1910 and Stephen L. 1912-1931 both born in Kent but I don't know where. Walter Charles 1914-1963 and Michael John Victory 1915-2007 both born in Thanet, Kent.
I hope this is of use in your research.
Best wishes sammymay.