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A mystery deepens … !

My father’s aunt, Christine FAGG nee HAUGHTON, was the daughter of Noel HAUGHTON and Vera Marguerite NOWILL (of the reknowned Nowill family who made cutlery in Sheffield throughtout the 1800’s).
Anecdotes stated that Noel was German and changed his name from HAGGERSTADT (or any number of variants; true spelling unknown) during WWI, presumably to avoid repercussions.
However, having just received a copy of Noel & Vera’s marriage certificate this weekend, it lists his occupation as Chief Engine Room Artificer on H.M.S. Prince Rupert, and his father as one Robert HAUGHTON, a Marine Engineer!

Now I’m confused … ! I’ve not been able to find much beyond this for either name, and certainly am struggling to determine where to go from here.

Any suggestions welcome!!

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