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Never believe anything … !

I received a couple of marriage certificates yesterday – George CASTLE m. Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSACK, and Richard HATTON m. Margaret GARLINGE. The latter couple appear at the edge of online records, in the early 1800s. Despite me having supposedly found Margaret’s family in early censuses, the marriage certificate suggested I was wrong! Her father is not named as a William GARLINGE, as I had thought, but James GARLINGE!

I have retained the other family records, but now have to prove which is correct via another means, and that will probably be Parish Records. After all, it is not unknown for names to be incorrectly listed on certificates!

The other certificate at least verified my maternal gt-gt-grandfather was Stephen CASTLE, and after a couple of hours I traced back to my gt-gt-gt-grandfather, Daniel CASTLE (b. ~1814 in Stelling, Kent) and a gt-gt-gt-gt-grandfather of James PAY (b. ~1796-1801), his father-in-law.
The GOLDSACKs are just too numerous for me to assume anything at the moment, but I at least found Sarah’s immediate family.

I really must get some trees online!

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