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WDYTYA Live 2009 brief review …

Well, I attended the show on Friday 27th February, as planned.

A very cramped train en route to Olympia! I was quite surprised how many people were waiting for the Olympia train on the Earl’s Court platform ! Everyone carrying their bags of files & paperwork to “ask the experts”.

On arrival, entry was trauma-free and straightforward. I had gone with a route planned out on the show map, but this soon went out the window, as I was rushing at the start to make sure I found the location of the 12:00pm seminar and got a ticket! All the rushing around and searching got me very disoriented (as usual at Olympia!), so I threw caution to the wind and just zig-zagged my way between the stands. wdytya-2009-pic-2

Generally, I thought the seminar timetable was far too full. I would have liked to hear the “Getting the most out of”, but it clashed with Else Churchill’s “I’m stuck! Tracing your elusive ancestor

I picked up some tips, spoke to some useful people, learned of some useful websites (including The War Graves Photographic Project, came away with lots of leaflets, restricted my spending(!) and managed to speak to an Army memorabilia expert who identified the uniforms in a mystery photo which may be linked to Noel HAGESTADT.

If I have anything else bad to say (other than the full timetable), then it might be that it was very commercial. But then I guess that’s what the sponsors expect/want. I was advised to attend The Family History Event at the Barbican Centre on Sunday 3rd May 2009. You’re more likely to see your local family history society, since the exhibition fees are more affordable!

Hope anyone else who went felt their trip useful. Comments welcome.

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