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Technology tantrums – hard disk failure

After an almost catastrophic hard disk failure, and a protracted period trying to get the data ‘repaired’ and migrated, and the operating system reinstalled, my computer finally got back up and running.

Hard Disk failure

Hard Disk failure (Photo credit: shibuya246)

Fortunately for me, although the S.M.A.R.T. data on the drive (sorry, technophobes!) was telling me that it was only 5% healthy (!), it remained stable enough for me to get all my important genealogy data recovered. I then had to reinstall the OS, and reinstall (and configure) my software before I could get going again.

I am glad to say, that I am now back up and running. I will also be revisiting my backup strategy which, although I had one, was probably not ideal.

Note to all: If you don’t want to suffer premature hair loss, or major stress, make sure you have a backup strategy, make sure you test it with dummy restores, and then make sure you have another strategy!!

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