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A fitting memorial

I recently visited Dad’s grave, which now has the headstone mounted, following the appropriate ‘settling time’. It is a wonderful black granite stone, with gold lettering, a tractor motif and a cameo photo. It was chosen by all three of us – Mum, my sister and myself.

The motif was a standard on this design, and felt very appropriate, given Dad’s farming heritage, and particularly the plough. This was a scene we often viewed when he was occupied nearby.

There were two standard flower pots, but a small addition has been installed, for the grandchildren.

I think you’ll agree, a very fitting memorial …

Dad's grave, with floral tributes

Dad’s grave, with floral tributes

Dad's headstone, showing flower pots

Dad’s headstone, showing flower pots

Dad's headstone, closeup of inscription

Dad’s headstone, closeup of inscription


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