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Family of William CLARK and Ada Maria FAGG

Husband: William CLARK (1845?-1925?)
Wife: Ada Maria FAGG (1874- )
Marriage Q4 1917 Eastry, Kent, England 1

Husband: William CLARK

Name: William CLARK 1
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1845 (app)
Death 1925 (app) (age 79-80)

Wife: Ada Maria FAGG

Name: Ada Maria FAGG 1
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Joseph FAGG (1841?-1924?)
Mother: Annie Maria SHEATH (1848?- )
Birth Q3 1874 Stourmouth, Kent, England 2,3
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 6) Stourmouth, Kent, England 2
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 6) Scholar; Stourmouth, Kent, England 2

Additional Information

Census Lower Street


1"Email". Cit. Date: 10 April 0009. Assessment: Secondary evidence.
Text From Source: Hi again Steve and thanks.

Yes, Ada Maria Fagg married my Great Grandfather William Clark 1845-1925 about 1918. Marcia appears to be an incorrect transcription in my uncle's notes written 1980-82; he had correctly given her birthplace as Stourmouth. According to my mother, who also knew "Aunt Ada," it was a marriage of convenience so that Ada could be in the same bedroom to nurse him day and night! Or, as my uncle wrote, "she was a great comfort to him." She is in the family photo taken 1922.
Apparently Ada wasn't included in William's will, nor was she buried in the family plot at Eythorne or mentioned on the tombstone. In fact, according to another uncle, there was consternation in the family because when she left the Clark family house (at Eastry Mills, adjoining the remaining Eastry Mill) she took (some of) the family silver. I see her listed as living in Statenborough, Eastry, in the index in the most interesting website.
Ann Groombridge's daughter Lucy Terry was married to William's youngest Harold Hudson Clark 1884-1864. I remember this couple quite well and know their one remaining grandson. In my notes I see Ann had several siblings but I never recorded the details.
By the way, I was born and grew up in Eastry and went to Manwood's in
Sandwich. I'm a retired Chemical Engineer. Have been in Canada over 30 years but still get back to UK most years.
Regards, Stan Butcher.
2"Census 1881 Stourmouth, Kent, England RG11/995". Assessment: Primary evidence.
      Source: Census 1881 Stourmouth, Kent, England RG11/995, RG11/995/80 p34
3"BMD Index". Q3 1874. Cit. Date: 7 April 0009. Assessment: Primary evidence.
Text From Source: Eastry 2a 831