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From little acorns …

I was fortunate enough a little while ago to trace my BALDOCK family tree back to a pivotal marriage of John BALDOCK & Susannah NEWING. This couple appear on the webpages at and, alongside many other relatives. I have seen John’s parents confirmed as Thomas BALDOCK and Ann DAWKINS from other sources, but have yet to physically confirm myself through parish records.

I have taken a chance for now and assumed this is correct, now working forward from Thomas’ other children. In this regard, through census records, I have already found some additional descendants not listed.

Providing my proving proceeds on track, it also means I have another two relatives who died in WWI, namely John Edward BALDOCK and Walter William FAGG, the latter not, as far as I am yet aware, related to the FAGGs on my grandmother’s side (future research may prove otherwise!).

After processing the family trees on the above webpages, my little acorn may well have grown into a large oak tree!

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