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Social networking mapping site

Yet another recommendation from Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers is the social networking mapping site called It allows you to plot events and attribute photos and messages at locations on maps (which appear to be Google ones).

Although the site is not aimed primarily at genealogists, the site has obviously perceived its usefulness as a tool for them, since there are drop-down boxes for ‘Ancestors’ and appropriate life events.

I already use Ancestral Atlas (although not for rather a long time), having created an account at its launch. Ancestral Atlas is specifically aimed at genealogists, so it would be interesting to see how many will use uencounter.

Do you use such sites, or can you recommend others? Comments welcome.

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Genealogy social networking and blogging site

Today I was made aware of a ‘new’ genealogy social networking and blogging site called FamilyTreeCircles. The site allows you to create a blog without needing knowledge of specialist systems such as WordPress, and allows you to publish stories and research. You also add your location and surname interests so that others may link up and make contact through the site.

I have signed up this morning and have already found someone who seems to have a 17th Century BALDOCK link. Although their post was 11 months ago, I have responded.

I guess this is when I learn how active the site really is….

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers for the referral.

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Canterbury Cathedral Archives images reach Find My Past site

This week Find My Past finally released  a chunk of Kent parish registers onto their site, accessible by those of us with a full subscription.

At first we were led to believe that it would be Thanet and coastal parishes which would arrive, yet there appear to be far more. I have personally already started browsing the Eastry registers.

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Eastry, Kent

Church of St Mary the Virgin, Eastry, Kent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, I said ‘browsing’. Brightsolid have not yet indexed the registers, and I have already reported a couple of issues, yet to receive a reply. However, it has to be said that they should be commended for the release, well overdue in my opinion. The images are of very good quality (bar the couple I found which were ‘fuzzy’ and illegible), and probably much better than any of us could achieve by printing from the CCA microfiche.

The deal with Brightsolid has hopefully brought welcome license fees into the Cathedral coffers, especially since the Archives are closed whilst repair work is undertaken. This is surely not a coincidence, and will help out Kent genealogists, whether seeking or residing.

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