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Down their street …

Those of you who are not able to afford subscriptions to multiple genealogy sites may have been jealous of those who have access to the very useful 1911 census data at FindMyPast.

However, Ancestry recently announced that they will be rolling out 1911 data this year. Until such time as actual schedules are available, they have started providing images of the Census Enumerator Summary Books. These give house-by-house summaries of the parish, along with head-of-household’s name and the number of male & female residents. This is a nice way to locate your ancestors’ abode, and maybe even determine that their property still exists. Of course, if the address no longer exists, it helps determine where it was in the village or town of today…

Happy hunting!

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Tree updated at last!

I cannot believe how the last 12 months has flown. It’s taken a year but I’ve finally updated the tree on my blog (find it here).
The update is substantial (approximately 45% more people and 71% more families!) and corrects some previous errors.
This update will be rolled out to Genes Reunited, Ancestral Atlas and Ancestry in due course.

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New Ancestry Probate Calendars prove their worth …

Ancestry has recently released the England & Wales National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) for the period 1861 to 1941.

This has already proved (pardon the pun!) its worth – a search for the surname HAGESTADT reveals a lot of information!

The Calendars often give siblings and/or spouses as executors, and can also give dates and places of death as well as occupations of both parties, all to help populate your tree details.

Give it a look!

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