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The following lists links to resources I use regularly or have found useful. Other suggestions welcome toward my research, and I will add the link and thanks appropriately.

  • Cyndi’s List:
    One of, if not the best site for links to genealogical sites on the internet.
  • Ancestry:
    Claiming to be the UK’s leading family history website, it is part of a global network of genealogy websites. It provides access to millions of digitised records of names, censuses, births, marriages, deaths and other related lists.
  • Find My Past:
    A London-based, and UK-focused, family history and genealogy website. Formally, it was the first to bring online the births, marriages and deaths records of England and Wales. It will also be the first website to offer the forthcoming 1911 census available online to subscribers (see
  • Genes Reunited:
    Also claiming to be the UK’s no.1 family tree and genealogy website. A sister site of Friends Reunited.
  • Kent Family History Society:
    Self-explanatory, really. A family history group based in Kent, where my family and I (have) originated, providing newsletters and resources for people researching Kentish family history.
  • The National Archives:
    The official archive for England, Wales and the central UK Government, maintaining over 900 years of history dating back to the Domesday Book. Provides access to many records online. Based in Surrey, England, personal visits may be made to access record indexes and view historical documents.
  • FreeBMD:
    A project providing free access to transcribed records of births, marriages and deaths. Relies on volunteers for transcription, and is an ongoing project. As such, it is not complete.
  • FreeCEN:
    Similar to FreeBMD, but for Census records.
  • FreeREG:
    Similar to FreeBMD, but for Parish records.
  • Lost Cousins
    Record your ancestors present in the 1841 and 1881 censuses, and wait for matches with other users – in a similar way to Genes Reunited
    Genealogy information pages for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
  • Great Britain Family Names Profiling (formerly National Trust Names):
    Shows distribution of a surname in Great Britain, currently only for years 1881 or 1998. Also, World Surname Profiler (
  • Forebears
    Similar to the above, with surname distributions by town, county and country. Forebears is actually a repository of some very useful links and resources. Probably needs time to properly investigate the richness of resources.
  • Genealogy webpages
    “The UK’s simplest website index” <quote> on Genealogy !
  • Genwriters
    A website of resources to help research and write your family history.
  • Behind The Name
    History of first names, including regional variations.
  • FamilySearch
    Free genealogy resources from around the world. Another official website of the LDS.
  • GenGateway
    A wealth of genealogy resources, many free.
  • Access Genealogy
    A free genealogy resource, mainly USA.
  • Roots Television Site now closed
    Free genealogy & family history videos.
  • Wanstalls Kent & Beyond
    A family site focussed around the surname WANSTALL.
  • Shire Books / Old House Books
    Buy books and maps from a bygone age.

Others will follow!

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