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Genealogy social networking and blogging site

Today I was made aware of a ‘new’ genealogy social networking and blogging site called FamilyTreeCircles. The site allows you to create a blog without needing knowledge of specialist systems such as WordPress, and allows you to publish stories and research. You also add your location and surname interests so that others may link up and make contact through the site.

I have signed up this morning and have already found someone who seems to have a 17th Century BALDOCK link. Although their post was 11 months ago, I have responded.

I guess this is when I learn how active the site really is….

Thanks to Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers for the referral.

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Email migration loses some …

Due to an email migration, I have irritatingly lost a substantial number of genealogy emails; something I had hoped would not happen….

Any of you loyal followers who have been waiting on a response from me relating to previously sent emails, however old, please contact me again. These particluarly relate to surnames CLARK(E), BALDOCK, FAGG, CASTLE, SMALL …

I am so annoyed with myself! That’s what I get for rushing in frustration at poor email provision by my ISP!

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Apologies for the lack of posts lately – undergoing a very messy house move.

Hope to employ some of my new ideas, and update my ‘net family trees (which are now suffering from being rather out of date) during/after December.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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