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New “This Day In History” panel

I have managed to locate a new provider for my This Day In History side panel.

Formatting is a little concern, but I will monitor it over a few weeks.

Nevertheless, it should improve page loading a little!

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Have you speed-tested your blog lately?

Are you sure you don’t have a problem with the speed of your blog?

I have been concerned lately that my blog homepage may be slower than desired, so I went to WebPageTest. This gave me some interesting stats, and alerted me that my biggest bottleneck appeared to be from Widgetbox, from where I get my “This Day In History” widget.

Maybe I need to look for another way of delivering these fascinating facts?

Comments & ideas welcome …

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Another pain-free update

Just updated the blog back-end again. Thankfully, pain-free.

Let me know if you guys find anything amiss!

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