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Tree updated at last!

I cannot believe how the last 12 months has flown. It’s taken a year but I’ve finally updated the tree on my blog (find it here).
The update is substantial (approximately 45% more people and 71% more families!) and corrects some previous errors.
This update will be rolled out to Genes Reunited, Ancestral Atlas and Ancestry in due course.

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GenesR reveals cousins of war

Those of you who use Genes Reunited will probably be aware of the facility which notifies you of record matches in your posted tree.

I had such a recent match, suggesting that Frederick Elmer HAGESTADT and his cousin, John, were both participants in World War I. A short spell of research revealed that they were, unfortunately, casualties.

Frederick fought in East Africa, and is commemorated at the Dar Es Salaam British & Indian Memorial.
His cousin, John, is commemorated at the Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, France


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Another error, another update, another thankyou ….

Thanks to the eagle-eyes of one of my contacts, David Measday, an error was found in the parentage of William HEWETT (b. ~1841), husband of Susan KINGSLAND. I had misinterpreted the relationships given to me from a detailed source, and had linked William directly to his grandfather, making his father his brother(?!), thus skipping a generation.

I have now corrected the tree and updated the version here. The new tree will hopefully be rolled out to other online presences such as Genes Reunited this weekend.

Thanks for spotting my faux-pas, David!

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