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More progress at Canterbury

Last week I paid another visit to Canterbury Cathedral Archives, and had more success. I finally found the baptism (and parentage) of my unusually-named Bean HATTON (at Whitfield, near Dover), found another couple of siblings in my Eastry FAGG line (one of whom, after a quick census check, may have been a proprietor of the Five Bells public House in the village), more DAWKINS, and a whole bunch more BALDOCK line at Westwell (connection as yet unknown).
These finds enable me to take my HATTON line back another generation, further my FAGG connections, and hopefully provide more BALDOCK tools on the road to linking those multiple lines!

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Grave disappointment … !

Hopes high, expectations dashed …

On visiting Womenswold on Sunday to check the (second) cemetery, I found no BALDOCKs, but a few GROOMBRIDGEs and a couple of FAGGs – these are possibles. If only I had properly checked my tree – one BALDOCK moved to Ewell near Dover, another to Nonington (near Womenswold), another to Eythorne (near Womenswold & Eastry)… ! Sounds like Nonington and/or Ewell may be a good bet next time!

Note to self:  Always check the tree properly before wasting petrol!

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