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Fertility record broken!

I appear to have broken the previous record for number of offspring in my family tree, which stood at 14(!)

My gt-gt-gt-grandfather, William FAGG (b. ~1801, Eastry, Kent) appears to have sired 15 (including a pair of twin daughters) !!

My granny FAGG was one of 10 children herself, but fertile families appear on both sides of my family, it would appear.

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Weekend research …

I visited Dover St. Mary’s Cemetery and Eastry Cemetery yesterday, the first to get some dates of relatives I knew were buried there, and the latter to see if I could find any! Eastry features a lot in my family. My grandmother (one of ten children) was born in Eastry, as was most of her family.
The visits provided me with some confirmed dates, and some names/dates to investigate.

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