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BALDOCK surname origin

It would appear that the origin of the surname BALDOCK is indeed the place in Hertfordshire. This itself has its origin in the 12th Century, with variants being Baudac or  Baldac (12-13th Century) and Baldoke (16th Century). It was founded by the Knights Templar in the late 1100s from land given over from the manor of Weston, in commemoration of the city of Baghdad, which was known in Norman-French as “Baldac”, and means “city of Dat”, Dat being the name of a Mohammedan monk. Tales can be found as to the story surrounding this monk.
Despite its origins in the county, the Baldock surname now appears little within Hertfordshire, many being in Kent or overseas.
Modern variations of the name may include
Baldick, Balldock, Balldcock, Baldcock.
As people migrated during the Middle Ages looking for work, the place of origin was used to identify them, resulting in name dispersal. Records of near-by Bedford mention the (supposed) first recorded use of the name, a Knight Templar called
Hugh de Baldoca (“Hugh of Baldock”) in 1185.
More information can be found from the sources below, amongst others (links valid at the time of publication).


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