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World War One photos

Found a great little site today: World War One Photos. Photographs & Pictures of The First World War

As well as photos (including things such as obituaries), it is also a source for poetry, art, postcards, music & songs and propaganda posters.

Soldiers are searchable by regiment, and some items can be purchased.

Give it a look!

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GenesR reveals cousins of war

Those of you who use Genes Reunited will probably be aware of the facility which notifies you of record matches in your posted tree.

I had such a recent match, suggesting that Frederick Elmer HAGESTADT and his cousin, John, were both participants in World War I. A short spell of research revealed that they were, unfortunately, casualties.

Frederick fought in East Africa, and is commemorated at the Dar Es Salaam British & Indian Memorial.
His cousin, John, is commemorated at the Trois Arbres Cemetery, Steenwerck, France


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In Remembrance …

As I write this post, London hosts the traditional Remembrance Service at the cenitaph in Whitehall. Unfortunately, this year the march-past is without World War I veterans Henry Allingham or Harry Patch, who died just weeks ago.

Nevertheless, these veteran soldiers, and many who have died in conflicts since, continue to be remembered for their sacrifices.

“… Lest we forget

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