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Tree updates …

I have (finally) just done an update to my online tree – but only on Genes Reunited. Of course, since I also use Family Tree maker (2009 now) as a backup (it’s background hint system is great and saves time), you’ll probably also find stuff on Ancestry too. This update correctly indicates (for now; unless proven otherwise) Margaret GARLINGE’s father as James.

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Hopefully, one of many …

I received contact from someone a short while ago via Genes Reunited, following a tree match. It turns out she’s a 2nd cousin (being the granddaughter of one of my mum’s uncles), and lives fairly local!

Welcome to the family (tree), Sandra, and may you be one of many!

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What a difference a day makes!

Contacted by the daughter of Charles Maysmor NOWILL, more names, an address for correspondence with another NOWILL family member, more dates, another possible living NOWILL relative, goddaughters, godfathers (no, not those ones!) and a ROYCE who may be related (as yet unconfirmed) to he of Rolls-Royce fame!

All this, and three people with hot matches to my tree on GenesReunited (totalling 15 names)!!

Oh, isn’t this fun!!

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