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Mobile accessibility

I have added some features to improve accessibility of the blog on mobile phones & PDAs. This will continue to be an area of development.

Let me know your experiences …

Published in: Website | on November 13th, 2009 | 2 Comments »

Where have the surnames gone?

… Nowhere!

In an effort to tidy up, save space, and prepare for future ideas, I have employed the Collapsing Pages plugin.

You will now see a little arrow next to the Surnames page navigation option. Click and the surnames expand out!

Watch out for this use in the future.

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Seek and ye shall find!


I wondered why my search box hasn’t been finding anything! I have just installed a wonderful plugin called Search Unleashed, which has enhanced options for different search engines, including the default WordPress search. I checked the options and nothing was selected!

That will have hurt my market … ouch!

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