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Antipodean ancestry …

OK, by rights they’re relatives, not direct ancestors.

I have discovered that my gt-gt-gt-uncle, John BALDOCK (b. 1850, Womenswold, Kent) arrived in Australia in 1873, married there in 1880 and started a family. Thanks to Coral for this confirmation.

I have yet to determine the reason why he went, and have yet to expand this new branch.

Watch this space!

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Progress with 20th century relatives …

Thanks to great help from historian Suzannah (you know who you are!), I have a lot more info on more up-to-date Thanet BALDOCK relatives, from the early to mid-20th century. With the help of certificates, I should be able to get closer to meeting a living distant cousin!

This has so far resulted in my first World War II casualty, Albert Arthur BALDOCK, died 1943, buried in Sri Lanka.

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Norfolk beckons?

After trying so desperately to locate the family of my dad’s uncle Walter BALDOCK, I may have hit on something …

I had been searching Kent records (particularly Thanet, where they had lived) for marriage records, with no luck. I knew his wife was known as Jessie, but this could have come from anywhere. Nevertheless, I finally gained the patience to search systematically through Ancestry and FindMyPast.

And there I found it! Uncle Wally and Aunt Jessie were married in Norfolk  - Erpingham district, to be precise! Walter A BALDOCK married Jessie I ABRAM !

Now armed with a maiden name, I also found six daughters; we already knew the names of some, but this confirmed things, along with birth quarter-dates, a marriage and two grandsons. Of course, all this has yet to be verified.

I now hope to get the marriage certificate, and plan to further investigate the children to seek out possible marriages, further grandchildren, and maybe locate a family member living somewhere.

The Norfolk marriage is spooky, given my belief that the BALDOCK family may have some ancestry there. Maybe Jessie was from Norfolk? Or perhaps she was a Cromer seaside holiday romance?  The certificate will help …

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