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What goes around comes around … ?

I have been researching a BALDOCK line which, although from Pluckley, does not yet link to my direct line.

However, one of the descendants was a Walter BALDOCK, baptised 6 January 1852, the illegitimate son of Margaret BALDOCK (born ~1834), the daughter of George BALDOCK and Sarah JOHNSON of Pluckley.

It turns out that, after marrying and hopping to Norfolk for a period, he ended up in St Mary-in-the-Castle, Hastings in 1891 and St Leonards-on-Sea nearby in 1901 – both places a stone’s throw from where I now live!

I work in Eastbourne and keep getting asked if I am related to the BALDOCK families of Hastings or Eastbourne, despite originating from Kent. If I can make a link from Walter to my line, then I may well be!

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Not quite as expected …

Well, I went to the Society of Genealogists yesterday to look at the pedigree roll – it was a very comprehensive family tree, but did not provide matches to anything I already have. It covered BALDOCKs predominantly from the Elham and Petham areas of Kent.

OK, so I guess that’s also good. It gives me other names to research and hope for a join somewhere!

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Tweaking earliest BALDOCK ancestry …

Due to confusion resulting from some newly found BALDOCKs on IGI, I am unlinking Robert BALDOCKE (b. 1612) from the previously assigned parents – there may be more than one Nicholas BALDOCK(E) around this period !

I need to verify Charing parish records ….

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