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Mary Wigan Transcripts …

Did a search of the Mary Wigan Transcripts (from KFHS CD 12) for BALDOCK(E), BALDICK, BALDUCK, BOLDOCK, BOLDUCK …. found lots of events to check out …. anything but Pluckley, which is not covered by these transcripts!

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What goes around comes around … ?

I have been researching a BALDOCK line which, although from Pluckley, does not yet link to my direct line.

However, one of the descendants was a Walter BALDOCK, baptised 6 January 1852, the illegitimate son of Margaret BALDOCK (born ~1834), the daughter of George BALDOCK and Sarah JOHNSON of Pluckley.

It turns out that, after marrying and hopping to Norfolk for a period, he ended up in St Mary-in-the-Castle, Hastings in 1891 and St Leonards-on-Sea nearby in 1901 – both places a stone’s throw from where I now live!

I work in Eastbourne and keep getting asked if I am related to the BALDOCK families of Hastings or Eastbourne, despite originating from Kent. If I can make a link from Walter to my line, then I may well be!

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Not quite as expected …

Well, I went to the Society of Genealogists yesterday to look at the pedigree roll – it was a very comprehensive family tree, but did not provide matches to anything I already have. It covered BALDOCKs predominantly from the Elham and Petham areas of Kent.

OK, so I guess that’s also good. It gives me other names to research and hope for a join somewhere!

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