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Mixed cemetery results …

I visited St.Dunstan’s church at Canterbury today, seeking CASTLE ancestry of my mother. Although I was unable to locate the relevant graves, I am confident of their existence from my sources. I believe that they are marked by some of the many weathered headstones.

Following this search, I moved on to nearby Blean and the churchyard at St. Cosmos & St. Damian. This was merely investigatory, with the possibility of locating a HATTON grave. Although I was unsuccessful in this goal, I surprisingly found a BALDOCK grave, for a couple I do not have, buried in the late 20th century. I now hope to trace these back for any possible links.

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Pedigree (possibly) reaches 14 generations!

This week I entered a few searches into the International Genealogical Index (IGI) at and eventually came up with rather a surprise – a BALDOCK pedigree dating back to 1600!

The pedigree presented must however, like all IGI information, be treated with caution – since it suggested Joseph (b. ~1743) and his wife Elizabeth (m. ~1768) were both BALDOCK and had the same parents! It is not uncommon for LDS ancestries to be inaccurate, and “chosen” to fit the convenience of the situation… or just plainly erroneous in entry/submission.

Nevertheless, it provided me with dates and places, from which I can verify (or not) whether this pedigree is true ancestry for Joseph. I have recorded as such, for now (although not submitted online yet).

I spot another trip to Canterbury Cathedral Archives!

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A mixed result at Canterbury

Canterbury Cathedral (undergoing repairs)On Thursday I finally visited Canterbury Cathedral Archives, got my reader’s card and and spent the afternoon buried in microfiche and paper. However, my aim of finding the baptism record of John William FULLER (supposed illegitimate son of Charles LUCKHURST), born ~1824 at Dunkirk, Kent, proved fruitless.

Dunkirk church was only established following the local uprising of 1838, and therefore John would have been baptised in another parish. Despite me hunting around, I could not locate a record. Dare I use that well-oiled cliché, “he just does not want to be found” !

Nevertheless, I did locate the mother of Daniel CASTLE, born ~1814 at Stelling, Kent, and that of his wife, Eliza PAY, born ~1823 at Stelling. They were named Elizabeth and Harriet respectively.

Having now experienced Canterbury Archives, I will go more prepared next time, and endeavour to make it a whole day.

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