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1911 census … bring it on!

Finally, it’s up! The website for the 1911 census ( is available, and very much surprised me by having many counties available (although of course, I couldn’t say how complete!). Suffice it to say that the areas of Kent I am interested in have come up trumps – and highlighted a stupid mistake I had made regarding the birth year of my father’s auntie – who had the same name as here mother!
Unfortunately, (who run the site) are only making data available on a Pay-As-You-Go basis at the moment (although searches are free). There is no date as yet as to when we may all be able to use our subscriptions to to access the data for no extra charge (I’ve already contacted them!). And now I’ve used up what few credits I had left after upgrading to subscription at Xmas!
I suspect that demand may bring their plans forward. Let’s all do our bit to achieve this – although I guess flooding them with emails is not such a good idea! Demand has seen the census released early, and I suspect us subscribers will benefit further soon …
Bring it on!

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