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Keeping it in the family … again!

Those of you who are (hopefully) regular visits may recall the brief note of my paternal great-grandfather Joseph BALDOCK’s brother, Daniel, marrying my great-grandmother Ann HARVEY’s sister, Emily Jane.

Well, last night I found another such instance, this time in my grandmother’s line. I discovered that my great-great-grandfather George FAGG’s brother, Alfred, married my great-great-grandmother Charlotte FRIEND’s sister, Roseanna (poss. Rose Hannah).

I guess these farmers had many a family gathering which made such romances with in-laws all the more likely – especially the size of families in my tree!

I wonder how many more I can find!

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The wonders of digital retouching – a recommendation

A few weeks ago my mother sought the services of a professional photographic studio to attempt to “repair” one of her family photos. It was of her grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth CASTLE (née GOLDSACK) and her adopted daughter, Daisy (born to Frances Georgina FAGG).

Despite my insistence that the photo was really beyond saving, she chose to use the services of The Studio, at Herne Bay in Kent. Despite a little artistic license being required to rebuild baby Daisy’s facial features, I think you’ll agree they did a wonderful job from a very poor original!

Before retouching

Before retouching

After retouching

After retouching

If you have need of such services, give them a go. Check out their details at

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All may not be lost – secondary cemetery at Womenswold!

Womenswold cemetery(s)

I could not believe my eyes today. Whilst Google-mapping (map.Googling?) and searching the environs of Womenswold for other churches/churchyards where my Womenswold BALDOCK and FAGG ancestors may be buried I discovered a much larger cemetery than that of the churchyard – just around 100 yards from the junction where I would have turned off to the village! I believe it may be classed as “Aylesham cemetery for Womenswold” – it is on the B2046 road towards Aylesham and Adisham.

I think I’ve just discovered where I’m going for my next graveyard shift – again!

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