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One up for the Goldsacks!

I received a letter back from Keith Goldsack, of the Goldsack One Name Study. He did not have my gt-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSACK in his study, and was seeking any information I may have to contribute to his database!

Well, Keith. As soon as I have more, I will let you know. I expect to be ordering her marriage certificate soon, to enable me to confirm her father, and that of her husband, my gt-grandfather, George CASTLE. Once I have these two, I expect to make much further progress on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.

Watch this space …

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Uncommon, my **se!

Call me naive, but when I began my family research, I thought that my surname, BALDOCK, was fairly uncommon and that tracing people would be quite easy as a result… how wrong I was!
To top things off, I received my maternal grandmother’s birth certificate on Monday, which revealed her parents as George CASTLE and Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSACK. Suddenly, alarm bells started ringing …
You see, GOLDSACK is a very well researched name, is undergoing a One Name Study, and appears to have more variations than you can shake your fist at!

Time to make contact with Keith Goldsack, the researcher, I think!

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