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Calm before the storm … WDYTYA Live!

It’s all been a bit quiet here – I’ve had other diversions to deal with, unfortunately. However, I am preparing myself (and some material) to take to the Who Do You Think You Are Live! family history show at Kensington Olympia next week!

I’m hoping to speak to the Anglo-German Family History Society for some advice on tracing the HAGESTADT family, possibly the GOONS regarding a BALDOCK One-Name Study, and quite a lot of general info gathering.

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Eureka! … A puzzle cracked

Following work this weekend, I finally cracked the puzzle of Noel HAUGHTON/HAGESTADT’s origin!

I managed to trace back to his grandfather, Henry HAGESTADT, born in Oldenburg, Germany in around 1806. He is believed to have come to this country with his brother, John Arendt HAGESTADT, but this has yet to be verified.

I would still love to find out when/where/why Noel changed his name to HAUGHTON. Mere speculation suggests the family had concerns over repercussions during World War I, considering his German origins.

Anyone any clues or be able to advise where I go from here?

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A picture paints a thousand words …

… well, one important one anyway!

Susan came up with some gems, and sent me some photographs. As well as her parents,¬†paternal grandparents¬†and some aunts, they include a couple of Noel HAUGHTON, and one of his mother …. Emma HAGESTADT (the name was written on the back) !!

I finally have the correct surname, and another family name to search for! And I think I’ve also just found them in the 1891 Census!! Perhaps I can now get a birthplace?!

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