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Tree status as at 14 Jan 2013: Individuals=4066 Families=1091
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Tree updated …

The family tree has been updated again (but note the caveats!) and can be accessed here. It also benefits from corrected HTML links to web sources, fixed thanks to a patch for Family Historian.

The number of individuals has now reached 1,174 and 291 families!

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Tree correction to GOLDSACK family … never assume!

Last night I found a great site whilst Googling some family ancestors (try it – you never know what you may find – but be prepared for anything!)

In searching for Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSACK, I located the site of Larry Goldsack at and located Sarah in the (very full) details page. It tended to suggest that Sarah’s mother was Mary Ann SHARPE, not HORN as I had believed.

This is entirely down to me assuming (again!) the wrong information. Searching on FreeBMD had found a few candidates for the family, around close registration districts; I had picked the wrong one! I should be able to easily verify this via Sarah’s birth certificate (which I do not yet have).

I have therefore updated the tree (go here) to reflect the change – I am a lot more confident in it’s reliability than my attempt!

I now have another great source to progress my mother’s side of the family!

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Tree – as of 7th Dec 2008

Here is a sample showing my family tree extents, as at 7th December 2008 – it is not supposed to be readable!

It's not supposed to be readable!

It's not supposed to be readable!

┬áThe arc you can see shows my gt-grandfather’s brother marrying my gt-grandmother’s sister!

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