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Maidstone and Miscellany …

Last week I managed to get to the Centre for Kentish Studies archive at Maidstone. I located a couple of (very old) wills, which I duplicated and brought away for deciphering (anyone up for transcribing them for me?). I also continued with some Pluckley, Charing and Lenham Parish Record research.

The CKS has books and resources which are not available at Canterbury Cathedral Archives, namely previously undertaken and bound books of parish record transcriptions. This was invaluable to me, having found an early book of transcriptions of records dating back to the 1500s which may not otherwise have been determinable. Well worth the visit!  Whether I can now better determine relationships of these early ancestors, only time will tell!

In addition I ordered (and very quickly received; just before the postal strike here in the UK!) some certificates, including a marriage certificate for one of my mother’s aunts (to a BALDOCK, no less!) and her birth certificate, which should allow more progress in other areas.

Information Overload !!

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Where there’s a Will there’s a way ….

I’m on vacation next week for two weeks – and looking forward to it!

I plan to visit the Centre for Kentish Studies archive centre at Maidstone during this period, hoping to view/copy some Wills and probate records of BALDOCK ancestors from the late 1500s / early 1600s. In particular, those living in the Charing and Lenham areas. This may help me determine some currently unknown relationships between namesakes, and possibly join up a couple of research lines.

I will also hope to view relevant parish records, too.

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Tweaking earliest BALDOCK ancestry …

Due to confusion resulting from some newly found BALDOCKs on IGI, I am unlinking Robert BALDOCKE (b. 1612) from the previously assigned parents – there may be more than one Nicholas BALDOCK(E) around this period !

I need to verify Charing parish records ….

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