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Milestone reached!

I have crossed the 1,000 milestone – the family tree has now reached 1,043 individuals covering some 256 families!

This was helped today by making considerable inroads into the ancestry of my mother’s (adopted) aunt, taking her birth ancestry back to the early 1600’s ! I have yet to confirm the information integrity – but I’m working on it!

Watch this space!

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Another error, another update, another thankyou ….

Thanks to the eagle-eyes of one of my contacts, David Measday, an error was found in the parentage of William HEWETT (b. ~1841), husband of Susan KINGSLAND. I had misinterpreted the relationships given to me from a detailed source, and had linked William directly to his grandfather, making his father his brother(?!), thus skipping a generation.

I have now corrected the tree and updated the version here. The new tree will hopefully be rolled out to other online presences such as Genes Reunited this weekend.

Thanks for spotting my faux-pas, David!

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Tree correction to GOLDSACK family … never assume!

Last night I found a great site whilst Googling some family ancestors (try it – you never know what you may find – but be prepared for anything!)

In searching for Sarah Elizabeth GOLDSACK, I located the site of Larry Goldsack at and located Sarah in the (very full) details page. It tended to suggest that Sarah’s mother was Mary Ann SHARPE, not HORN as I had believed.

This is entirely down to me assuming (again!) the wrong information. Searching on FreeBMD had found a few candidates for the family, around close registration districts; I had picked the wrong one! I should be able to easily verify this via Sarah’s birth certificate (which I do not yet have).

I have therefore updated the tree (go here) to reflect the change – I am a lot more confident in it’s reliability than my attempt!

I now have another great source to progress my mother’s side of the family!

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